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Air Freight Breakbulk Tracking System – A Multi-modal Transportation Company
We worked with MAT, a multi-modal transportation company to develop a tracking system to handle all aspects of their business from dispatch to accounting.
Bear Cartage logo
Web-based Accounting System – Bear Cartage Intermodal
Let see our case studies and read how Alligatortek created web portal: web-based accounting system for Bear Cartage logistic company.
APF logo
Data Imports – A Packaging Firm
A packaging firm used a tax rate import application that could not be used due to poor performance when importing large amounts of data. Our experts scaled up the system’s functionality to process large files with increased efficiency.
Logistics and Transportation logo
Custom Freight Tracking Application – A Logistics and Transport Company
A transport company used outdated software for business processing. The software had disconnected systems and manual processing. alligatortek implemented a custom and automated end-to-end application to provide a high level of efficiency for the operation.
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Enhanced Access Database – A Logistics Provider
A logistics provider was using a Microsoft Access database for business processing which lacked functionalities and required manual action. alligatortek enhanced the system to completely automate the process and increase the efficiency.

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