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Commercial services firm logo
Companywide Operating System – A Commercial Services Firm
Our client needed a consistent platform for workflow management and operations. The custom software we built offered the company an opportunity to improve customer service, insight, and visibility.
Construction Consulting Company logo
Project Management System – A Construction Consulting Company
Read to see how we solved our client's problem by developing a custom project management system that integrated with the client's current CRM.
temporary specialized labour company logo
Access Database Revamp – Temporary Specialized Labor Company
A temporary specialized labor company had an outdated and corrupted database, which was critical for business operations. Our experts analyzed the code and resolved the problems in as short of a time frame as possible.
Hartford Logo
Website With Applications – Hartford Technology Rentals
Hartford Technology Rental wanted a fresh online presence to gain a competitive edge. The website designed by our team leveraged modern social networking and search engine optimization to outsmart its competitors quickly.
Creative Werks logo
Centralized System – Creative Werks
Creative Werks was using multiple Access databases which were critical to operations but difficult to manage. alligatortek developed and integrated a system with its ERP inventory database to eliminate duplicative data entry and reduce inefficiencies.

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