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AMC is a leading design/build construction firm with offices in 11 major markets and partnerships with 20 subcontractors nationwide. The company, founded over 25 years ago, has successfully completed the design  and construction of over 2,500 projects in the U.S. and Canada. AMC offers personalized attention and  complete, turnkey solutions for its clients’ construction needs.

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AMC’s legacy system was built on Microsoft Excel. AMC created multiple regional templates for its  subcontractors, as well as a national template for companies with multiple locations. Each project consisted of  two spreadsheets, which were sent out for approval via email. These sheets were used to calculate cost estimates for approval via email.

As the company expanded, the employees found it was increasingly tedious to maintain a consistent system.

  • As changes were made and new spreadsheets were emailed out, it became difficult for employees to track and approve the latest draft.
  • Each subcontractor used unique Construction Specifications Institutes (CSI) codes for materials, which made it difficult for AMC to cross-reference job costs.
  • There was no way to cross-reference previous jobs with similar project scopes, so each project was  estimated from scratch.

Due to variations in prices, process and templates, it became time consuming for project managers to track  project status and obtain accurate estimates. These issues stretched the estimate approval process to multiple  days.

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alligatortek designed and delivered a custom web-based quote management solution to alleviate employee  frustration and reduce the chaos. The system houses only one upload of each spreadsheet, making it easy to  identify the latest version.

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Generated reports are more accurate with standardized CSI codes. This allows AMC employees to compare  current project estimates with historical data from similar projects. For improved reporting and analysis, data  filters are retro fitted with multiple dimensions and metrics.

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