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NMC has over 30 years of experience as a nationwide mechanical contractor serving industries such as Plastics,  Industrial Laundries, Food Processing, and Material Handling. They possess expertise in mechanical design and specialize in the installation of process mechanical systems. As a division of a major construction company, NMC needed a system to track progress and provide overviews of projects underway.

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NMC’s current system, Viewpoint, and use of spreadsheets alone did not provide sufficient insight regarding  the progress of a job. NMC employees had to manually input data about each job from their system into a  spreadsheet and pass it along through the organization for planning purposes. Throughout the project, the  team questioned whether or not they were on budget and on schedule.

NMC needed a way to track projects with summary-level visibility of the project as a whole. This transparency  would allow them to know if they are ahead or behind on a job so they can re-estimate hours and material for  the next week.

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The application we built for our client fixed issues around lack of insight on project progress, allowing them to  plan labor and materials more precisely and accurately.

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The system  implemented a hierarchy of rules and permissions so different levels within the organization can only see information they need to about a job. Designated users in the Foreman, Superintendent and Project Manager  roles are able to update the details for all projects to which they are assigned. This includes their best current estimate for remaining hours (for each CSI code), and also the ability to add their estimated projected end date of the overall project.

The application integrates with the Viewpoint application to retrieve all project-related information, including  all CSI codes, original project estimates and actual hour and cost values for current weekly and project-to-date  information, as entered on the weekly Viewpoint time-cards. Other user roles see a dashboard corresponding to only their position. All users have the ability to filter and narrow down projects displayed based on things  like status, geography, supervisor etc.

Project information and key metrics would be summarized on one screen. The existing system possesses  general project information and a time sheet which we integrated with the new system to generate project  overviews. The overviews are useful for project managers and other key members within the organization.

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