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wrigley- a subsidiary of Mars.Inc logo
Production Specification System – Wrigley
Wrigley, a leading manufacturing company, was in need of a solution to maintain a database of specifications. alligatortek has been supporting and updating the system for over 7 years to use recent technology and satisfy new requirements from production engineers at Wrigley.
Chemical research and development firm logo
Order Processing System – A Chemical Research and Development Firm
Our client had key operational bottlenecks that held the company from providing excellent customer service. Our team created an Android-based order processing system that increased the operational efficiency by 900%
Large book manufacturer logo
Electronic Data Interchange For E-commerce – A Large Book Manufacturer
We developed a new electronic data interchange system, which greatly sped up the ordering process for their customers and employees.
WSN logo
Website With Applications – A Wholesale Sign Manufacturer
A wholesale sign manufacturer wanted an online presence to showcase and sell its products. alligatortek designed an e-commerce website and provided a new channel for individuals to purchase materials online.
ITT industries logo
Access Database Conversion – ITT Industries
ITT was using an outdated Access database for tracking customer orders, which was no longer supported by Microsoft. The alligatortek team converted the database to the latest Microsoft Access platform quickly and cost-effectively.
furniture manufacturer logo
Operations Management System – A Furniture Manufacturer
A furniture manufacturer required professional assistance to reorganize its existing systems and migrate to a more stable platform. The alligatortek team developed an operations management system to consolidate several existing systems into one.

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