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CCC is based in Chicago, IL and has over 10 years of experience in obtaining permits and following city construction codes. The company specializes in obtaining construction project permits for its clients in the City  of Chicago. CCC also helps its clients manage the day-to-day requirements of navigating Chicago’s  Department of Buildings’ policies. Their expert knowledge helps clients save time and money by expediting the approval process to get all necessary building permits quickly and accurately.

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CCC manages many different types of construction projects. Each project type has a different set of tasks that must be completed. Goldmine Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) was being used by CCC’s Project Managers to track projects. As the business grew, Goldmine became inefficient and hard to use. Since the  company’s mission is to save its clients time and money, a customized system was needed to enable its Project Managers to work more effectively.

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The new system designed by alligatortek has many major benefits. One advantage is the time saved by the Project Managers. When the Project Managers are assigned a new project, they can now select the type of project they are working on and automatically see a list of all of the tasks that need to be done. Previously, they had to select a project type and add each task manually. This took time and created the possibility of missing a task or entering one in error.

In addition, a standardized process for setting up projects is now in place. Tasks are set up in the system and each project type is assigned tasks in the proper completion order. This provides the Project Managers a  standard predefined set of tasks automatically created in the proper order for project completion.

The system also enables the Project Managers the ability to customize client notifications regarding project status. Emails can be sent at any time by a Project Manager or automatically setup to email the client on predefined days of the week. Client emails include itemized information on the status of each task and details the progress of their permit approval process.

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