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AL Books Logo
E-commerce Website – A Large Book Distributor
A fast-growing book distributor had difficulty maintaining and processing. Our experts built a new E-Commerce system, which increased online visibility and automated order processing.
Village of Phoenix logo
Website With Application – Village of Phoenix
The village’s website needed a fresh look. Its council also wanted to offer more information about the town along with recent news. alligatortek re-designed the website to give a new look and a cutting-edge presence on the web. Visitors are provided with information on all aspects of the town.
logistics provider logo
Enhanced Access Database – A Logistics Provider
A logistics provider was using a Microsoft Access database for business processing which lacked functionalities and required manual action. alligatortek enhanced the system to completely automate the process and increase the efficiency.
University logo
Copier Services Management System – A University in Chicago
A university in Chicago was using an outdated database to manage its fleet of copy machines. The system was not able to meet the department’s needs. The alligatortek team enhanced its current system so that the copier services department could manage its fleet efficiently.
information research firm logo
Barcode Checkout System – An Information Research Firm
An information research firm had an outdated system to track their customer's orders which lacked functionalities. alligatortek created a web-based work order management system that provided the company with an efficient method to manage customers, work orders and billing details.

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