Top 5 Questions to Ask a Solutions Provider

By: Nate

Custom solutions provider

Looking for a custom solution? Here are answers to some of the top questions you may be wondering:

1. Why does ROI matter – why can’t you just get this done for me?

Return on InvestmentIf you are putting a large amount of resources towards software, it should improve your business in quantifiable ways. At alligatortek, we don’t like to take on a project where we don’t show a 3 to 5 times ROI in the first three years.We want our clients to view the solution as an investment not an expense.


2. What do we need to do as part of the process (What is expected of us)?

Checklist of right thingsIt is important to figure out who the precise user of the application will be – their input and experiences are crucial to the design of the solution. Those working directly with us on the project will have to come to a consensus on functionality. To make an application fit best with your company’s current processes, it is necessary to have an open line of communication between our teams throughout the project (e.g. answering clarifying questions for functionality or providing access to current systems).


3. Requirements Gathering – how does it work and why is it important?

alligatortek game plan - requirementsThe requirements gathering phase is ultimately a way for you to be informed and feel comfortable moving forward with development. We send a Senior Business Architect to your company to interview key groups of people who will use the application on a daily basis. Based on these details, we prioritize functionality and create flow diagrams for demonstration. These diagrams show how the screens and system would function and address your company’s problems. You would be able to see how different user roles will interact with each other and how certain features of the system are connected. All features of the project will be ranked on development effort and priced individually. We will work with our clients to ensure that the end project addresses their main pain points while being in budget.

4. What have you done in my industry?

Management Through CloudThe answer to this question depends on your company and its needs. Similar companies within the same industry can and will have vastly different problems that their business needs to address. We specialize overall in mobile solutions, systems integration, as well as management of data and workflow. To see specific examples of how we have helped companies in various industries grow their business, check out our Case Studies.


5. Can you give me access to a demo or a system to play with?

Demo SystemIt is possible we won’t have an example to show. If we have a relevant application to demonstrate, we may be able to provide this for you. However, projects between our company and clients are private. If we build a custom solution for your company, you would have the ability to make choices regarding privacy as well.

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About Nate
Nate Pave is the Manager, Business Development at alligatortek. He partners with change agents within a company to automate key processes and fuel business growth. His consultative process allows his clients to understand the full impact of these business challenges.

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