Is it time to retire your legacy applications?

By: Nate

Retire legacy applications

As the push for new and innovative technologies continues to grow, operating on legacy software becomes increasingly risky. Outdated technology may bring security risks and the loss of any competitive edges. The idea of newer, faster and more useful software is not only attractive – it is sometimes necessary.

Searching for an application development vendor can be difficult. The process of understanding your business needs, getting employees on board, and choosing a vendor takes time. How do you know if you should make the investment? If you find the following five issues occurring within your organization, it might be time to develop a new system.

1. High operational and maintenance costs

If the cost to continue operating your legacy software exceeds the costs of modernization, updating your system is a clear choice. Upfront costs of a new system may seem expensive, but modernizing a system can increase efficiency and lower costs in the long run. Greater efficiency will create more revenue and mitigate maintenance costs in the future.

2. The system is clunky

Do employees say the system is difficult to use? Is it slow – reducing staff productivity? When the system feels clunky, it is outdated. Modernizing to fit the current needs of the organization and users can make the team more productive, and your business can accomplish its goals.

3. There has been a change in business processes

If you selected your business application several years ago, there is a high chance an aspect of your operational processes have changed. If the legacy application was designed around the old way of handling business, it could be hard make the new process complement the old functionality of the system.

4. Lack of application integration

Applications you are currently using or are likely to use in the future should be able to tightly integrate with your legacy system. If this is not possible through your staff or current vendor, modernization might be the only option. With any type of system used, integration will help employees see relevant information all in one place. This can lead to a better return on your modernization investment by increasing visibility.

5. No mobile capabilities

When your team members can access data on the go, it increases productivity. Having mobile accessibility plays a huge role in competitiveness, and a legacy system could leave you inefficient, a costly environment of which competitors are waiting to take advantage. Take full advantage of your system by moving to mobile and cloud friendly technology, and realize the productivity that can be achieved.

When choosing to modernize, there is no straightforward path a business must take. There are different options that work for different types of organizations. Understand your business goals in order to make an informed decision on the technology your company needs.

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Nate Pave is the Manager, Business Development at alligatortek. He partners with change agents within a company to automate key processes and fuel business growth. His consultative process allows his clients to understand the full impact of these business challenges.

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