Three Signs Your Software Is Holding You Back – And What To Do About It

By: Nate

Do you feel like your company’s software has been causing you more problems than solutions?

If you’ve been holding back on a software upgrade, you could be holding back your company from reaching its full potential. Settling for programs that are inefficient and outdated can only support your company’s needs for so long. It may seem like a huge investment, but implementing new software to fit better with your business could be key to growth and reduction of unnecessary costs in the long run.

Here are three signs that show your company’s systems may be in need of an update:

1. Employees are compensating for software that can’t accommodate business growth

Falling graphAll growing businesses reach a point where preliminary software solutions aren’t going to cut it. Finding software to accommodate the increasing amounts of data is necessary, and time shouldn’t be wasted attempting to maneuver software that doesn’t flow well with other applications. Processes like manual data re-entry and lags in the system should be avoided for maximum efficiency. Likewise, pay attention if employees are reporting reduced satisfaction with the software – as daily users, they may have great insight on problems and possible solutions.


2. Increased costs regarding operating and maintaining current software

CostsAvoid spending more time and money than it is worth trying to integrate and maintain software as it becomes outdated or unfitting with the current state of the company. Piecemeal customization of current software just to allow for proper functioning is an issue, and as technology changes and the company grows, unnecessary increases in IT costs may arise when trying to integrate the software with modern applications.


3. Lack of visibility

PeopleIt shouldn’t be a challenge to view the data you want to see regarding your business or to share data between different departments. When information is spread across several places or applications, departments in the organization become disconnected, and can it can be hard to pull together and make sense of information accurately and timely. If you feel you are facing constant obstacles attempting to gain insight into your business, it may be a sign that improvements can be made.

Your software should provide your business with the support it needs for growth and improvement rather than causing problems and delays in productivity. Instead of maintaining software that doesn’t work for you; invest in a system that doesn’t hold back you and your employees.

Before taking action it will be beneficial to evaluate the exact needs for your organization. What sort of tasks are you trying to accomplish with the implementation of new software, and how can the software be improved to provide necessary information for while also functioning efficiently? After your needs have been confirmed, take the time to explore options regarding custom software development solutions. This will not only improve efficiency, productivity, and the bottom line, but it could also provide the ROI you are looking for by providing an exact solution to meet the company’s needs.

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Nate Pave is the Manager, Business Development at alligatortek. He partners with change agents within a company to automate key processes and fuel business growth. His consultative process allows his clients to understand the full impact of these business challenges.

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