5 Reasons to Work with a Local Software Development Firm Over a Large Tech Giant

By: Christine

Navigating through the software development industry can be difficult. When taking on a development project, choosing a provider can take longer than the actual project if you have no idea where to begin!

Let’s lay out your options:

If you’re at the point in your decision where you are evaluating partners, here are five reasons to build a relationship with a local software development company over a tech giant.


  1. Work with a team of passionate innovators

Tech giants hire to fill workload needs.  What does this mean for you? Projects are piled up on employee desks; and the team can rest easy knowing that they have a stable paycheck and a steady workload.

Local companies have a much greater need to find talented people that take pride in making a difference and developing an amazing product. People who gravitate towards smaller companies have more opportunities to create and innovate, and their projects become works of passion.

Work with an innovative software development team
  1. Get your innovation to the market quicker

Big companies have organizational hierarches and processes that tend to create gates for your team. These roadblocks slow decisions down, and you may be faced playing the waiting game for “your turn.”

Smaller companies know how critical a product’s launch timing is. Local companies like alligatortek can make quick decisions over a simple conversation or lunch. Removing the hierarchical checks can keep your project moving at a quicker timeline.

Launch quickly with a dedicated team of developers
  1. Tap into the expertise of other team members

Bigger companies tend to work in siloes and have gates between departments. It is easy to tack on internal fees to open these doors in the form of meetings and approvals. Smaller companies have more open lines of communication, and team members can get input from others without having to open as many gates.

  1. Keep your costs down

Internal meetings and time billed to get feedback and approvals can add up. Removing the hierarchical processes of larger companies can reduce your costs and keep your timelines short.

Get to market quickly with a lean development
  1. Build relationships with your points of escalation

If you’ve worked with big businesses, you may have been directed to a “support line” when you run into challenges. No name, just a phone number, and some frustratingly cheery elevator music. You may even have been patched over to a supervisor on duty, where you explained your position over again.

Small businesses like alligatortek know how important customer service is to their clients. At each of our partnership’s kickoff meeting, our clients are personally introduced to their points of escalation (with names, direct emails, and direct phone numbers), and given clear examples of when to involve them. Try getting a hold of the CEO of SalesForce.com when you have issues implementing your product with your customized workflows.

Work through resolutions quickly with key decision makers
Photo courtesy of Daniel White, @dwhitephoto1, Daily Herald Business Ledger

Consider these points as you decide between a local software development partner or a large technology provider. Your company will have its own opinion on how important these 5 factors are to your partnership. As you engage in conversations with potential solution providers, here are some questions you can ask to help you make a decision.

Now that you’ve narrowed down your list of vendors. what questions do you ask? We’ve got you covered: Questions to ask your development consultant

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Christine Librojo was the Sales & Marketing Operations Analyst at alligatortek.

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