7 Reasons to Consider a Cloud Migration [Webinar]

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November 29, 2017  –  1:00 PM CT

70% of U.S. organizations and businesses have moved to the cloud in some capacity, and 56% have existing initiatives to transfer more of their IT operations.

Does your company still host information on an on-prem server? Learn how moving to Cloud can save you time and money, and streamline your business processes.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The state of Cloud
  • 7 reasons to consider a cloud migration
  • How to maximize the cloud
  • When to use a migration partner

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alligatortek is a leading application development firm with experience migrating to the Cloud.

Meet the Speakers:

Tony Cichella is a Senior Solution Architect at alligatortek, a leading Cloud app development firm. He has been using Azure and Amazon Web Services since they were released. Although a developer at heart, Tony also helps companies design their cloud infrastructure, security and architecture. Tony has a passion for cloud computing and enjoys helping clients move to the cloud and optimizing their applications. He has certifications in Azure, Xamarin, and Comptia Security+.

Nate Pave is a Business Development Manager at alligatortek, a leading Cloud app development firm. He works with alligatortek’s clients and prospective clients to understand their business needs and bring together the right team to build a custom solution. Nate creates mutually beneficial relationships with clients by ensuring a solid return on investment for each project his team takes on.

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