Microsoft’s 3 Hottest Topics – Through the Eyes of Satya Nadella

By: Gino

Satya Nadella

Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference has come to a close – we hope that everyone who went had an incredible time visiting Orlando, Florida! Satya Nadella, the CEO for Microsoft, touched on many topics during his keynote speech, but the ones he hit on the most were mobile computing, the Cloud, and Microsoft’s vision.

The mobile computing feature that everyone is interested in is called Cortana. Cortana will be the “voice” inside Microsoft’s devices. This intelligent personal assistant will be able to set reminders, recognize natural voice without the user having to input a predefined series of commands, and answer questions using information from Bing.

Satya Nadella is aiming to “empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” He expressed that the Cloud is going to act as a control plane for the applications, data and experiences generated by all the devices. Sensors will become a more vital role as well, by being able to recognize and interact with its users.

One of the more impressive demonstrations during Satya Nadella’s keynote speech was the introduction of the HoloLens virtual reality headset. It’s amazing to think that we were using flip phones about 10 years ago, and now we are embarking on the world of virtual reality.

If you are interested in watching his keynote speech, click the link below and enjoy. You will be fascinated to discover what Microsoft and Mr. Nadella has in store for us with.


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