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In our last blog post we looked at the top technology stories of 2013. As we saw, technology was all over the news last year, and we expect more of the same in 2014. Here are four trends we expect to see:

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1. The Internet will be everywhere: The Internet of Things is an emerging trend that will take off in 2014. It is the idea that all things, from your computer to your stove and fridge will be connected to the Internet. This will have a big impact not just on technology, but on our lives. Almost all items we interact with will become smarter and more connected. These items will run more efficiently, and this emerging trend will be one of the largest business opportunities in the years to come.
2. Software, the web and apps will unite: Right now, it still matters whether you use a Mac or a PC, an iPhone or a BlackBerry, to use certain software and apps. We see this as something that must change. Users will expect to be able to connect from anywhere to any piece of software. Creating software and apps that are multi-platform will become the standard operating procedure for developers.
3. Facebook will still be a big deal: Yes, teenagers are using it less, and a lot of them are using Instagram. But Facebook owns Instagram. Other social networks will rise, but all those that say Facebook is doomed should take a second look and realize that there are still over a billion monthly users.
4. Tablets will be the next corporate giveaway: The cost of tablets is dropping so quickly, it is hard to keep up. Companies may not give them away like pens just yet, but that day is coming soon.

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