Is AI Making Me Lazy?

By: Nate

Google Home Mini and a Mobile

There are four people who live in my house: my girlfriend, my daughter, my son, and (obviously) me.

But then there is Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google as well. And while I love the “people” that live with me, these other four are the best listeners in the house and do everything I say.

I turn to them for everything – from running my home entertainment system to telling me a joke. These smart assistants are useful and intuitive and keep me informed and entertained. Best of all, they are resources to help me with the tasks that I have little time for.

Over the course of the last month, I logged the different ways my family used these AI-powered devices in my home:

  • Convert speech to text for email and text messages
  • Control the Nest thermostat
  • Control lights
  • Check the weather, time and (most importantly) the latest sports scores
  • Control the TV hands-free – On/OFF, change volume and channels, switch between Netflix and cable)
  • Order products on Amazon and Domino’s
  • Play music throughout the house
  • Use as an intercom in multiple rooms
  • Play games (My family plays Jeopardy together each night before bed)
  • Schedule meetings and reminders

It blows my mind that, just a few short years ago, these tasks were not yet possible.

Does using these devices in this way make me lazy? Does artificial intelligence mean I can’t think for myself? I don’t think so! I simply learned how to maximize my time and tap into my resources to help me shave a minute or two here and there throughout my day.

This allows me to spend a little more time doing the things that I love most – beating my family at Jeopardy ;).

Stay tuned for my next blog on AI in the Workplace!

About Nate
Nate Pave is the Manager, Business Development at alligatortek. He partners with change agents within a company to automate key processes and fuel business growth. His consultative process allows his clients to understand the full impact of these business challenges.

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