How to conduct an internal IT audit

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IT operations are affected by major audit regulations – will your company be prepared for what it reports? Here’s a deep dive into the critical role an IT team plays to keep their companies secure.

Based on audit results, the IT department identifies pain points and determines whether the existing IT controls protect the assets and the data integrity is aligned to the overall business goal. IT auditors follow a risk-based approach to meet a company’s objectives, ensure confidentiality and maintain internal controls.

The most common goal of an IT audit is to validate that the internal controls exist and are functioning as expected to minimize business risk. A good internal audit also offers valuable insight about skills training opportunities for employees and serve as a viable option in performance assessments.

IT Auditing

How often should an IT audit happen?

There are no set rules of conducting an IT audit for an organization. However, it is important to establish auditing in your organization. Infrequent and sloppy auditing can lead to a spike in operational, infrastructural and financial risks. Regular auditing can help decrease risk and allow management to identify and resolve issues during the early stages.

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