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By: Sid

Satya Nadella quote

Microsoft holds their annual partner conference each July. Last year, we attended the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Orlando and were awarded the distinction of 2015 Partner of the Year for our Produce Donor Portal. This year, we crossed the US border to Toronto to meet other innovators who seek to make a difference in today’s business community and chart a course for FY’17.

Satya’s keynote speech (with an excerpt above) hit home to me. Satya has taken the company focus at Microsoft to personal computing, reinvention of productivity and business process and building an intelligent cloud platform.

My own personal mantra is “to whom much is given, much is expected” – and alligatortek has become an extension of my mission. Our passion is to empower organizations to achieve their potential through software. When a company wants to get to the next level but does not know how to get there – they turn to us. We partner closely with our clients to identify the core problems they that face that we can solve and resolve these with customized solutions.

As Satya spoke about Microsoft’s heavy focus on stories of business transformations, I immediately thought of our own focus on return on investment in each project we take on. We deliver products that will have a strong business impact for our clients – at least a 300-500% ROI on any project we undertake. This is why we will walk away from projects if a company is unable to connect the dots between what it is looking to do and the impact our solution will have on the bottom line.

empowering others

It’s important to realize that software and new technology often offers hidden savings and opportunities for business growth. We have built systems that shave minutes off a process and ends up translating into hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings per year by saving time or by allowing users to be able to increase their workload capacity. As alligatortek continues to strengthen its partnership with Microsoft, our two companies work towards the end goal of building and implementing an intelligent cloud business platform.

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