Does my company need to offer an app to stay competitive?

By: George

Mobile app for competitiveness

It does not take much for a business to question whether or not they need to “go mobile” in a country where over half of the population owns a mobile device. Application development can be a costly investment, but adapting to the increasing use of tablets and cell phones can keep a business competitive in the marketplace. Many small business owners have realized the benefits that a mobile presence offers to its employees and its clients. Here are a few reasons why our newest clients have chosen to build an application.

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Surpass the Competition

If you have a small business or are in an industry where your competitors have not yet developed an app, this could be your chance to get ahead. Stand out among your customers by creating a new type of experience they can’t get anywhere else.  Our client, a commercial facility maintenance company, developed an application in order to differentiate itself from its competitors. The application allows for real-time reporting – a feature that other companies in its industry have not implemented yet.

Expand Company Visibility

Having an application keeps your business front and center by placing your company on your customer’s mobile device. On top of that, apps allow for direct marketing through features like push notifications that alert people to new sales or promotions. The possibilities are endless for what you could create for your business. Let your customers get to know the company and brand through the experience you create for them on their mobile devices. Increased customer loyalty can result from frequent use and recognition.

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Implement Fast and Flexible Processes

Businesses that see the most success are those that adapt their processes to integrate technology. Save time for your employees and your customers by developing a resource for them to make and receive updates easily and on-the-go. Allow customers to get answers or buy products they are searching for with the click of a button instead of digging through a website or calling the business. Our facility management client now streamlines its data entry process and runs more efficiently through the automation of key workflows and integrated web and mobile systems. Employees will also appreciate the ability to work and make quick changes to your system from outside of the office.

Creating an app can provide benefits like increased loyalty, accessibility, and business automation, but an app should offer additional value to its users than what the website alone can offer. It is important to make sure it provides something particularly useful for your customers and/or employees.

Choosing to develop an app could help you keep up with the competition and improve certain aspects of your business like sales or customer experience. If you observe a large web presence from mobile devices in your company’s analytics or you have an idea of how it could give you a competitive edge, consider adapting to support mobile devices.

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