Common CRM hesitations and how to address them

By: Christine

CRM hesitations representation

When making the decision to adopt a new CRM system, implementation concerns may come up.

Questions like if it you need it or if it’s worth the cost come to mind. Will your employees feel comfortable with a change in technology? Will it ultimately create benefits for the company?

There may always be hesitations around investing in new technology and going through the process of change. However, there are also plenty of ways to make sure your company is prepared and that the CRM system will supply the return on investment you’re looking for.

Discussing current type of system
“Our current system still works for us.”

Change can cause frustration and stress for many people in the organization. It is important to help others clearly understand the value of the new technology. Employees should be on the same page for how CRM technology will improve daily operations and the overall business success.

Learning cycle is difficult
“This system is too difficult to learn.”

Any new technology will come with a learning curve. Luckily, Dynamics CRM is designed to be intuitive for experienced Microsoft users – meaning there will be less time needed to adjust to the system.

Create a program to help ease the stress of adapting to change and increase the technology’s likelihood of success in your organization. Have a program in place to help transition and engage employees. Provide training prior to implementation as well as after the system is in place. Your team should have resources to ask questions and get support.

System for an organization
“This system doesn’t work with our current organization.”

As a decision maker, you may face the fear that your solution does not meet the needs of your company. Before choosing a CRM, manage and track your organization’s needs. You should have a good understand of your current operations and if the system will solve your needs. Remember, there is an option to customize your CRM to work seamlessly with your current business processes.

If you find that a CRM system will work, have metrics in place to track your system’s success. If you can’t prove its worth, you will not be able to demonstrate the evidence to others.

Still moving forward? Here are some questions you can ask yourself before investing in a CRM

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