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Fluent Interfaces
Fluent Interfaces
The fluent interface is an object-oriented coding concept introduced by Martin Fowler and Eric Evans in 2005. Fluent interfaces are constructed using method chaining.
Char, Varchar table - alligatortek
What is the difference between CHAR and VARCHAR?
Are you unsure of when to use CHAR or VARCHAR for string data types? To answer the question, let’s first explore the differences between the two.
Visual Studio Release Management
Review: Visual Studio Release Management
So, what exactly does Visual Studio Release Management do? When does it work? When does it not work? Read on to find out!
Excel logo - alligatortek
Excel InterOp/Automation Issues
Are you having issues performing Excel automation on your server? Read this blog to see if it is an InterOp permission issue, and find out how to resolve it.

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