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configuring push notifications - alligatortek
Configuring Push Notifications For Xamarin Forms
Push Notifications are one-way communication to inform the user of the mobile that some operation has happened (Updated, Deleted, Added). Navigate to Azure portal, click “Create a resource”, then click “Web + Mobile” and finally choose “Notification Hub”.
developing mobile apps with xamarin and azure
Developing Mobile Apps with Xamarin and Azure
Creating an app with the integration of Xamarin and azure allows businesses to scale apps globally. As Xamarin covers all major platforms (iOS, Android and Windows), the apps created using Xamarin can almost reach 90% of smart phone users.
accordion/bindable stack layout
Create an accordion/bindable stacklayout using custom controls in Xamarin
Build an accordion and bindable stacklayout for applications developed in Xamarin. Custom controls help to maximize code sharing and minimize code duplication.
setting up Mac with Xamarin
4 Steps to Set Up a Xamarin Development Environment on a Mac
Xamarin, recently acquired by Microsoft, allows you to target all major platforms - iOS, Android and Windows. Before starting the setup please ensure to have the latest version of “Xcode” and “Visual studio for Mac”. If you don’t have “Xcode” please download it from the “App Store”.
alligatortek can help migrate your business systems to the Cloud
Moving to the cloud? Why you should consider Azure
Azure offers a cost-effective solution for quick processing and enhanced security. It is a constantly evolving platform for a collection of services
business knowledge - alligatortek
Export a List of Sites from IIS 8.0
Learn to export a list of sites from IIS 8.0 with these steps. alligatortek has the solution - call us today.

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