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ROI is important to alligatortek
Tips to Manage a Positive CRM Transition
Taking the steps to ensure a smooth transition will help avoid any complications that would set back business operations.
choosing a CRM vendor - alligatortek 1
Top 6 considerations when choosing a CRM vendor
How can you find the best CRM vendor to fit your specific needs? It will take strategic planning and research to narrow down your options and find a good fit for your employees and business
reasons to invest in a mobile app - alligatortek 1
5 Reasons to Invest in a Mobile App
As smartphones become the universal choice of consumers, having a mobile platform will make or break your business. By taking the first step towards mobile branding, your company can be ready for this inevitable app-filled future.
benefits of CRM - alligatortek 1
Benefits of CRM
A team can use CRM to collaborate, stay organized, improve customer relationships, and generate more valuable leads
Mobile companies gaining competitive edge
How Mobile Processes Help Companies Gain a Competitive Edge
Mobile applications can facilitate and even enhance daily business processes to improve productivity within almost any type of organization. The investment of going mobile in the short term can ultimately save your business precious resources like time and money in the long term.
brain and automation
Using Automation to Improve Customer Experience
Currently, a lot of companies are choosing to jump on board the automation bandwagon to increase efficiency for routine process and interactions. How do we know when to draw the line?

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