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Start With a Plan - requirements
Start With a Plan: 3 Reasons To Begin Any Development Project With a Discovery Session
Ninety percent of alligatortek clients that begin development with a discovery session will continue to the second part of the process. Want to know why? Here are three reasons why a planning stage will produce better results for you
Cross Platform Development
Six Advantages of Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development
The iPhone and the Android device have two very different operating systems, which can lead to visible and internal differences between applications. Developing a cross-platform app, can allow the user interface to appear almost identical. Learn more about cross-platform mobile app development in this blog.
alligatortek can help migrate your business systems to the Cloud
Moving to the cloud? Why you should consider Azure
Azure offers a cost-effective solution for quick processing and enhanced security. It is a constantly evolving platform for a collection of services
7 Reasons to Consider a Cloud Migration banner
7 Reasons to Consider a Cloud Migration [Webinar]
Does your company still host information on an on-prem server? Find why 70% of U.S. organizations and businesses have moved to the cloud in some capacity, and 56% have existing initiatives to transfer more of their IT operations.
app longevity snap - alligatortek
App Longevity: The Apps People Keep, Delete, and Forget About
We surveyed 2,000 people nationwide about their relationships with their smartphone apps. Of the respondents, 63 percent keep apps on their phones that they don't use. Of those people, one in three has between three and five unused apps on their phone. (We're excluding default apps.)
key features of Dynamics CRM - alligatortek 1
6 Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Key reasons switching over to Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your organization for a greater improvement of your organization

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