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Interaction design
UX/UI and the Importance of Designing for your Audience
People want to experience everything, instantly, and they can in almost every aspect of their life. The quicker and faster an app or site responds the more popular it is with consumers. Today is no different than 100 years ago in that the consumer is everything.
Cross Platform Development
Six Advantages of Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development
The iPhone and the Android device have two very different operating systems, which can lead to visible and internal differences between applications. Developing a cross-platform app, can allow the user interface to appear almost identical. Learn more about cross-platform mobile app development in this blog.
app longevity snap - alligatortek
App Longevity: The Apps People Keep, Delete, and Forget About
We surveyed 2,000 people nationwide about their relationships with their smartphone apps. Of the respondents, 63 percent keep apps on their phones that they don't use. Of those people, one in three has between three and five unused apps on their phone. (We're excluding default apps.)
reasons to invest in a mobile app - alligatortek 1
5 Reasons to Invest in a Mobile App
As smartphones become the universal choice of consumers, having a mobile platform will make or break your business. By taking the first step towards mobile branding, your company can be ready for this inevitable app-filled future.
Mobile companies gaining competitive edge
How Mobile Processes Help Companies Gain a Competitive Edge
Mobile applications can facilitate and even enhance daily business processes to improve productivity within almost any type of organization. The investment of going mobile in the short term can ultimately save your business precious resources like time and money in the long term.
Mobile app for competitiveness
Does my company need to offer an app to stay competitive?
Application development can be a costly investment, but adapting to the increasing use of tablets and cell phones can keep a business competitive.

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