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One productive task at a time
Boost Productivity One Task at a Time
If you consider multitasking to be a weakness of yours, it’s time to rejoice! As it turns out, multitasking isn’t even possible anyways.
Bring positivity into the organisation
5 Ways to Bring Positivity to Your Organization
An overall optimistic work environment is an important part of establishing an organization that is ready for growth, change, and obstacles.
alligatortek practices an open office and full collaboration
5 Reasons Why Our Open-Office Design Works
At alligatortek, our open office design works for our collaborative needs when it comes to creating a seamless software solution for clients.
justifying new tech - alligatortek - lost time
Justifying New Technology: 5 Areas of Software ROI That You May Have Overlooked
Translate a capital expense like custom software and application development into real savings or profit to unlock the true ROI.
Integrate Multi-Generation Work Force
Four Ways to Successfully Integrate a Multigenerational Work Force
In order to help avoid conflict among the work styles, here are four ways to help bridge the gap in a multigenerational company.
alligatortek onstage at the Chicago Innovation Awards
Four Reasons Why I No Longer Lose Sleep at Night About “Being Innovative”
At alligatortek, innovation is at the forefront of our minds. Here are ideas—some strategic, some tactical—that alligatortek uses to keep teams engaged in the company and inspired in their work.

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