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Cloud Security vs. On-Site Security
Keeping data secure will always be a top priority for any business regardless of industry. When it comes to where that data is stored and the security measures around it, there is no one size fits all answer. Whether your data is on the cloud or stored on-site, you have to know the advantages, disadvantages, and vulnerabilities of your system.
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Why is Return on Investment Such a Big Focus for alligatortek?
Investments for a company can be anything from hiring a new employee, buying new equipment, or buying custom software solutions. When calculating ROI it’s important to go beyond the hard ROI and look a bit deeper into the overall impact of your investments across your company.
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Why Snapshots of Data Are No Longer Enough
Traditional systems lack the ability to meet the needs of the modern data-driven business world. Instead of relying on a gut feeling or experience on how the business is performing the data is instantly available for review so decisions can be made.
Chatbot in computer
7 Reasons your Business Needs Chatbot Development
Chatbots are the latest in custom software, but it isn’t a trend, it’s here to stay in one form or another. Chatbots are on the rise as a new voice in consumer communications. You see these bots all the time in that little box in the lower corner of a website that tries to engage with you.
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Common Challenges in Distribution & Logistics
Are your distribution pain points unique or a problem across the industry? Here are some of the most common challenges distribution and logistics companies face and how process improvement and automation can help.
Retire legacy applications
Is it time to retire your legacy applications?
The idea of newer, faster and more useful software is sometimes necessary. Outdated technology may bring risks and the loss of any competitive edges

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