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3 ways to get decision maker featured
3 Ways to Get Decision Maker Buy-in
Do you need to push an initiative up the chain of command and get buy-in from your company’s leadership? Here are 3 techniques you can use to show others your innovative idea needs to addressed now.
business process automation 1 - alligatortek
Real World Applications of Business Process Automation
Here are some real examples of how business process automation (BPA) can be applied to your organization
types of jobs created through automation
Types of Jobs Created Through Automation
Like the radical changes of the Industrial Revolution, jobs are now rapidly transforming to have different requirements than before. While certain types of jobs may be lost to automation, new types of jobs are being created.
brain and automation
Using Automation to Improve Customer Experience
Currently, a lot of companies are choosing to jump on board the automation bandwagon to increase efficiency for routine process and interactions. How do we know when to draw the line?
types of jobs created through automation
Questions to Consider Before You Automate
Innovation is about more than just creating new products and services. It can also involve the improvement or expansion of existing processes through automation.

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