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Cloud Security vs. On-Site Security
Keeping data secure will always be a top priority for any business regardless of industry. When it comes to where that data is stored and the security measures around it, there is no one size fits all answer. Whether your data is on the cloud or stored on-site, you have to know the advantages, disadvantages, and vulnerabilities of your system.
IOT for app dev - alligatortek
How IoT will Shape the Future of Digital Applications
Projections for IoT devices worldwide predict that there will be 64 billion devices worldwide by 2025 and they will generate around $11 trillion dollars globally. There is value in IoT solutions and as more companies implement it on their own products the market will continue to take off.
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Why is Return on Investment Such a Big Focus for alligatortek?
Investments for a company can be anything from hiring a new employee, buying new equipment, or buying custom software solutions. When calculating ROI it’s important to go beyond the hard ROI and look a bit deeper into the overall impact of your investments across your company.
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Staff Augmentation vs. Full Project Development – What’s Best for Your Business?
For some companies, IT companies specifically, staff augmentation could be the secret weapon when you need fast access to skills. For others, guided development or full project development are the answer. Here’s a breakdown of each that can help you decide what’s best for your company’s unique needs.
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Tech Trends Worth Watching in 2020
In this modern era the constant change and improvements make it difficult to know which trends to watch and which are window dressing. We have compiled a list of tech trends worth watching in 2020 and beyond.
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Why Snapshots of Data Are No Longer Enough
Traditional systems lack the ability to meet the needs of the modern data-driven business world. Instead of relying on a gut feeling or experience on how the business is performing the data is instantly available for review so decisions can be made.

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