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Tech Trends Worth Watching in 2020
In this modern era the constant change and improvements make it difficult to know which trends to watch and which are window dressing. We have compiled a list of tech trends worth watching in 2020 and beyond.
Clutch Names alligatortek One of the Top 1000 B2B Service Providers Worldwide!
The Clutch 1000 list is an annual B2B report that recognizes the top 1000 distinguished service providers around the world. The vetting process spans nearly 160,000 companies, making us one of only 147 custom software developers listed.
Meeting room of alligatortek
Onward and Upward: The Year of Change at alligatortek
Take a look at our new premises in Downtown, Chicago and updates on what we have been doing. It is great to share the excitement on sharing the preview of what is to come.
Lego bricks showing customization
Custom Software: What Does it Mean for Your Business?
Are you interested in applying a custom software solution for your business? Know more about how a custom software will suit the needs and get going in your growth graph.
Build vs Buy Blog - solution is right for your company
Build vs. buy software: Which solution is right for your company?
Should I license this system or should I build it? Here are some questions our sales team asks to help you make that decision.
alligatortek AWS partnership
alligatortek Adds Amazon Web Services to List of Technologies
As an AWS Partner, alligatortek leverages the power of Amazon’s Cloud platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), in the design, development and deployment of software for its clients.

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