Why do alligatortek clients stay alligatortek clients?

By: Michael

Here at alligatortek we are fortunate to work with a great and diverse group of clients.  In fact, 60-70% of our business is repeat business from existing clients.  This says a lot about the caliber of our talent.

One of the key things we do is make an investment up front to dig deep and understand the client.  What makes them unique?  What are their goals?  What technology do they have in place? What are their challenges?  What technology gaps exist that are holding them back from achieving their growth plans?

One of the key pieces of value that we are able to bring to our clients is an outside perspective and fresh thinking.  We have a number of clients across a wide variety of industries.  We are always staying on the cutting edge of technology and understanding what are the new technologies out there that aren’t just “shiny object”, but have a valid business purpose.

with Clients

Having that diverse knowledge of what’s happening across industries, being able to see trends and apply this knowledge to bring innovative ideas to our clients has proven valuable.  We make sure that each project we take on is going to have a positive impact, solve a business challenge and produce a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

We actively managing our client relationships to make sure that we’re delivering quality products on time and on budget – and that they are 100% satisfied with our work.  We are proactive about having business level touch points so that we can identify issues before they become problems and fix them.  This has allowed us to sustain growth for our company over the past 20 years.

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About Michael
Michael Levine is a former Business Development Manager at alligatortek. During his time with the company, Michael partnered with change agents within a company to automate key processes and fuel business growth.

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