Achieving Our Mission through Innovation

By: Nate

We are a company with a mission to apply software to help clients achieve their potential, so it is important to keep innovation in mind. By analyzing our clients’ situations individually, we are able to apply transformative software solutions that help organizations stay competitive within their industry.

How alligatortek revolutionizes companies

Achieving MissionOne of our clients in the construction industry was facing organizational problems – checking in large numbers of workers at a jobsite at the beginning of the work day. Our team examined their process and encouraged the integration of technology into a morning huddle. Through the application of new technology, we helped them streamline their check-in process to get jobs done more quickly and easily.


Examples of our innovations

InnovationsA wholesale food distribution company dealing with a high buyer churn rate in a competitive industry wanted to attract and retain more customers by providing a much-needed service. The Menu Profit Builder allows its users – restaurant managers – to control and predict food costs. Customer attrition has reduced from 26% each year to an industry-leading 13% as a result of the application.


Recognizing companies that are ready to grow

We speak with companies facing problems that are preventing their companies from growing. For example, conversations we had with one of our clients, a global fruit company, revealed a potential to save millions of dollars. By increasing their operational efficiency, the company removed their need for a 40% plant overproduction to mitigate the risk of a bad batch or an unexpected increase in demand.

RecognitionInnovation lives within the companies that thrive in today’s ecosystem – those that are constantly adapting with the influences around them. Integrating forward-thinking software systems within current business processes for our clients is just of the many ways we work to achieve our mission.

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