5 Ways to Bring Positivity to Your Organization

By: Marissa

Bring positivity into the organisation

An upbeat personality may not come naturally for everyone, but we are all capable of choosing to avoid negativity on a daily basis. When positivity radiates from one person, it can make a difference in the attitudes of those around them. An overall optimistic work environment is an important part of establishing an organization that is ready for growth, change, and obstacles.

Our positive attitude at alligatortek allows us to help our clients achieve their business potential. This is why we deemed it as one of our company’s core values. We view challenges as opportunities for improvement, and our team is able to have fun while working together to provide successful software solutions.

Here are a few ways for you to be the ray of sunshine at your workplace:

Altering attitude at discussion
Alter your attitude
Having a bright outlook could be as simple as rethinking the way you look at a situation. When faced with challenges or problems, view them as an opportunity for growth. Don’t dwell over the problem. Instead, avoid complaining and work towards a solution. If you practice framing events in a more positive light, over time your thinking can be changed to be more optimistic overall.

Choosing to use brighter vocabulary is another way you can make a conscious effort to shift your thinking. When you use negative terms it influences your thinking and the thinking of others. Avoid feeling discouraged and expressing you “can’t” do something. Rather than being pessimistic, choose to be enthusiastic and embrace opportunities and those around you.

Be a team player
Team players in an organization genuinely care for and respect their coworkers and the work they do. Taking the initiative to help out other employees and contributing your share of work to benefit the organization is a part of creating that positive environment where everyone can thrive. Randomly extend a helping hand or perform a small act of kindness to maintain the attitude you are striving to embody.
Team player
Recharge time
Take the time to recharge
Part of staying positive involves managing your stress levels to avoid the negative thinking associated with feeling overwhelmed. Try not to let your techniques for coping with stress fall to the backburner. It is important to take the time to recharge and relax your mind and body. It can also be hard to think and live optimistically in other aspects of your life if you are not taking care of yourself first. Make sure you are getting enough sleep to keep you prepared for the day ahead.
Have fun
Just because something is your job doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to have fun. If you are feeling negatively towards your work or coworkers, search for opportunities to have fun inside and outside of the office. Team building events and small celebrations for things like birthdays will foster a positive environment. Spend some time talking and getting to know people in your office and spread the cheerful energy while you’re at it. Inserting bits of fun into your daily work routine will help keep a cheerful attitude through the day.
Having fun with teammates
Celebrate and be thankful
Be thankful
Be grateful for the opportunities you have or are presented with. Appreciate the chance to grow and learn from the experience, even if it is challenging. Take time to celebrate accomplishments, no matter how big or small they are. Recognizing the small steps towards completing a goal will help keep you motivated to push forward. In addition to showing yourself support, support your team through their accomplishments. Appreciate the work they put in and what they contribute to the organization, and acknowledge a job well done.

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