5 Tips for Strong Client Relationships

By: Sid

Back in 2014, we shared our blog “Why do alligatortek clients stay alligatortek clients?”, centered around our belief in forming deep partnerships with our clients . With a clear picture of our clients’ businesses, we are better able to assist them in achieving their technology and growth goals.

By thoroughly understanding our clients’ needs and what makes them unique, we can fill the gaps that are preventing them from reaching their plans for growth.

In a client relationship, it’s important to stick to the platinum rule – treat others the way they want to be treated. We put ourselves in the client’s shoes to apply our knowledge to provide a technology solution with a valid business purpose while actively managing a positive client relationship. This is what ultimately creates lasting partnerships and repeat business.

Below are 5 tips for ensuring a strong relationship with your clients and forming long term partnerships:

1. Communicate effectively

CommunicationCommunication is one of the most essential parts of the client relationship. Your customers rely on you to keep them updated on the project – including any bumps in the road. It is best to eliminate surprises. Regular and efficient communication with the client should be a priority. Make yourself as available as possible for them to touch base with you. Make it known that their satisfaction is important to you and their input is taken seriously. Be yourself so the client can feel comfortable communicating with you.


2. Maintain honesty

Honesty and reputationIn any strong and lasting relationship, it is important to always be honest. White lies and manipulative behavior can damage your reputation for integrity. Avoid stretching the truth about what your company can provide. Be sure to share your opinions regarding the clients’ project; they’ll respect the input and your concern for success.



3. Be a resource

ResourceAs you begin the partnership, it is crucial for the client to understand what you do and your processes for working with them. Keep them in the loop about what is being done – as well as why, and how. To create a deeper relationship, offer other information that they may find relevant, regardless if it benefits your company. Be a resource to genuinely help their business through shared knowledge and access to your network.



4. Exceed expectations

DeliveryThe key element of this tip is delivering on-time, exceptional results to your clients. Do not settle for less than above and beyond. In the beginning, set realistic expectations for an outcome and impress them in the end. Use the knowledge gained from open communication to consider what would be particularly valuable to the client for the project outcome to give a personal touch they are not expecting. Be sure to recognize loyal clients with tokens of appreciation to exceed their expectations and maintain the relationship.


5. Realize your client is an individual

ClientProbably the most important tip comes down to acknowledging your client as an individual and making sure they recognize you see them as a person not a pay check. During conversation, ask personal, yet appropriate questions. Get friendly and identify with them in some way. Remembering things about your client can help you better suit their needs. It should be clear in the partnership with your client you are motived to see them succeed in the long run.

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About Sid
Sid Bala is the President & CEO of alligatortek.

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