5 Reasons Why Our Open-Office Design Works

By: Dan

Our open office design is one of the many ways we promote community and productivity in our organization. It works for our collaborative needs when it comes to creating a seamless software solution for clients, and the benefits don’t stop there. Here are five ways our company benefits from an open office layout:

  1. Increased equality and fairness
    Open offices promote fairness and equality among the differing positions by removing the privilege associated with having a particular office. A hierarchy can’t be established by assigning office spaces or giving certain individuals offices and some cubicles. With interns sitting next to senior staff members it becomes more about the work you produce and less about where you sit.
  2. More brainpower – less space
    An open floor plan is a great way to fit all your employees comfortably without having to worry about a space big enough to incorporate many offices. Plus, an open space provides ample opportunity to fill it with any design and layout that would work best for your business. At our company, everyone gets to have a workspace with a view since the open space has a large window extending across the entire office.
  3. Holding each other accountable
    Being able to look over and see what someone is working on at any given point becomes a great way to hold each other accountable. Less time of the work day will be spent online shopping and on social media. Instead, productivity is increased by this transparency because people will feel motivated by seeing others hard at work nearby.
  4. A warm and friendly environment
    Guests arriving to the office are welcomed by a group of faces, not a sea of cubicles. This makes it easy to get a feel for the climate of the office right away which could be beneficial for clients and interviewees visiting the office. Introverts can even benefit from the open office design in unexpected ways. It’s a lot less intimidating to lean over an ask someone a question than it is to knock on their office door.
  5. Increased collaboration
    Whether it’s a conversation about work or what you did on the weekend, employees collaborate and converse with an open office helping to create a better sense of community. Work and ideas flow between individuals smoothly because everyone is accessible face to face when needed, and separate departments are able to merge to work harmoniously when working around one another.


An open office plan makes work feel more like a team effort, and helps to make the people you work with feel more like a family. We enjoy the productive environment an open office creates for us, and the tight bond we form in office extends to the strong relationships we build while helping our clients.

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