5 Reasons to Invest in a Mobile App

By: Nate

Mobile applications aren’t just for big name brands anymore.

According to a 2016 study done by Nielsen, your audience is most likely already on a mobile device. To stay competitive, small and midsized businesses are creating their own platforms.

Pie chart on mobile usage
Nielsen found that most of the working population is on a mobile device.

So, does your company need to offer a mobile app?

The answer is yes.

Inserting your business into the mobile sphere is imperative for success today. A smartphone is now within public reach and has become a necessity for work and personal life. Apps offers a way for your company to stay connected with your target audience.

Here are five reasons why your company needs a mobile app:

1. Stay in front of your customers

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Having an app will put you on your customer’s radar. Visibility is key, and every time a user opens their phone, your brand will appear on their screen. According to a study done by Flurry in 2015, users spend 90% of mobile internet time in apps. This percentage is only going to increase as more businesses create their own platforms.

2. Collect data

demographics on data

Gathering data on how your audience provides valuable insight on what information your customers are interested in. The knowledge from data can be used in making advancements, finding opportunities and identifying customer demographics.

3. Improve customer engagement and experience

Customer engagement

Save time, frustration and energy for your customers and support team. Create another way to connect with you on the application (rather than phone). Customers can easily reach your support team and find answers to their questions. Apps receive several times more engagement than normal websites do.

4. Create another revenue stream

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Monetizing your investment can open a new revenue stream for your business:

  • Charge other companies for in-app advertising
  • Charge your customers for download rights
  • Offer free download rights with pay-to-use features

You can also use your platform to feature sales and promotions, which can drive more business from your customers.

5. Foster customer loyalty

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Mobile apps create a better relationship than advertisements. Customers have direct access to your company, which builds a more organic connection than Facebook ads or mass emailing.

Apps offer you and your customers multiple benefits, and change the way your company is perceived among customers. As smartphones become the universal choice of consumers, having a mobile platform will make or break your business. By taking the first step towards mobile branding, your company can be ready for this inevitable app-filled future.





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