3 Ways Forward-Thinking Companies Use Custom Software to Grow Their Business

By: Christine

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Companies that turn to custom software are actively seeking new ways to take their firm to the next level and stand out in their industry. As a firm evolves and changes over the course of time, a proprietary system that adapts with the current business requirements continues to bring value in many ways.

At alligatortek, we are passionate about creating solutions that solve operational inefficiencies and improve our client’s bottom line. When we acquire projects that allow them to gain competitive advantages and grow their businesses, we get downright excited!

Here are three ways we have seen a custom system directly impact a company’s growth potential:

1. Free Resource Time

Work smarter, not harder. Software that is developed around your company’s business needs can remove menial work functions that eat up time and drain resource energy. An intuitive system can empower staff and provide an opportunity for professional growth and development. forward thinking innovators - free resource time

We recently visited a firm in the insurance industry. They currently implement a process in which three different departments house resources that manually retype documents. Throwing more bodies at the problem is not the solution. The proper course of action is automation at a more cost-effective rate and with less margin for human error. We are developing a system that will not only address this pain point for them, it will also allow afford the team the necessary resources to handle more business and tap into their individual talents.

2. Improve Response Time

Custom dashboards and reports can offer a significant competitive advantage with the customer service model for a company. A system designed to work with your operational processes will make it easier for your employees to serve their customers. Increase the satisfaction in client interactions: this leads to an increase in existing business retention, and can also attract new business. Here are two examples that highlight the effects of custom dashboards:

forward thinking innovators - response timeWe were recognized for the Produce Donor Portal we developed in partnership with Feeding America. The system took a week-long process and brought it down to minutes, allowing the non-profit organization to operate in real-time. The power of the custom portal had a nationwide effect: it brought fresher produce to Americans facing hunger and reduced the amount of wasted produce in the U.S.

A client in the construction business had a manual process of putting together customer estimates with an average response time of a few days. With a tailored system that provides a greater level of accuracy, the estimating process has come down to a mere 30 minutes.

3. Gain a Competitive Advantage

It is difficult to outperform your competitors when other firms are using the same off-the-shelf software. Additionally, stock programs that are readily available do not allow for modifications to functionality, which means that a business must alter its internal processes to meet the software specifications. As your company grows, these inefficiencies will become more pronounced and limit your ability to scale. By building an operational system that addresses your specific needs, your business can effectively scale to new growth and gain better efficiencies.

forward thinking innovators - response timeJJ Chaudoir, Senior Manager of Air and Intermodal Services at Central States Trucking praised the custom trucking system that alligatortek built over two years ago to help his firm stand out from other trucking companies. The operational system was so heavily tied to the company’s business that it became a point of interest in negotiations when Central States Trucking underwent an acquisition. Bruce A. Campbell, Chairman, President and CEO of Forward Air Corporation, said in the official news release, “We are very excited about the acquisition of CST. For a number of years, we have had the desire to enter the drayage space via purchase of a company with a scalable platform. CST not only provides that platform, but does so while achieving the high margins and low asset intensity that our shareholders have come to expect from us.”

Custom software is often viewed as an expense, rather than an investment. Moreover, top-line revenue and bottom-line profitability are often overlooked as companies evaluate different software options. As you analyze your operational needs and desires to remove process inefficiencies, remember to consider the additional benefits that a tailored system could will bring.

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Christine Librojo was the Sales & Marketing Operations Analyst at alligatortek.

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