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alligatortek builds custom enterprise applications for the web and mobile devices. These solutions address process bottlenecks to improve efficiency, productivity and the bottom line for clients. alligatortek opens the possibilities for new strategies and business opportunities with software technologies.

We value our relationships and success with clients in key industries such as manufacturing, distribution, logistics and transportation.

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Core Values

We practice an attitude of servitude toward all who entrust in us. For our team, we are committed to build the best environment for one another. For our clients, we are committed to act in their best interests. For our community, we are committed to give of ourselves.

These practices are what enables us to build successful and loyal relationships that last long-term.

We build and support an attitude of positive-minded action. Our approach toward finding a positive outcome shapes our innovation and builds our relationships.

We expect great things of ourselves and of everyone around us. We are grateful for who we are and that shows in how we approach each day. We learn the most from projects that push us to create better processes.

We are accountable to one another on the team and to our clients. We ask for help and help each other to keep to our commitments. We know that accountability is not something that can be turned on and off and it’s not something that can be delegated.

Accountability is one of the key differences between success and failure. Our team knows that successful projects come from those who take ownership and find solutions.

We strive passionately to fulfill our potential, personally and professionally. We measure up to the highest industry standards and achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We exercise discipline and perseverance.

We continually innovate to improve in everything we do. We work tirelessly to fill our mission to help our employees and our clients grow. Our teams work smart and are highly proactive.

Who We Are

Enjoy working with a system custom designed to support your existing workflows. Our award-winning team of business architects and software developers walk through your current business processes to build a system that will serve your business needs.

Eliminate Business Challenges and Get Your Business To The Next Level

Remove Bottlenecks

Many companies still support manual internal processes that may rely on certain people, which limits the growth potential of the business. By taking away key-person dependency, you reduce the risk of many “What if?” questions you may already be thinking of.

Go Lean

When you implement technology to streamline your necessary (but time-consuming) business functions, your team members are able to use the regained time towards higher-level responsibilities and tasks.

Support Your Staff

You’ve spent countless hours building your dream team to support your growing business, but you’re faced with two challenges: too many internal projects, and not enough time. Staff augmentation allows you to quickly bring in resources without the burden of sourcing and hiring additional full-time employees.

Start Fresh

Outdated technology introduces security risks and elevates employee frustration. If you’ve been holding back on a new system, now is the time to reconsider. It could be the key to growing your business and reducing unnecessary costs in the long run.

Stand-Out From Competition

Use technology to elevate your internal operations. By easing the mundane staff responsibilities and offering new opportunities to capture and retain customers, it will be easy for your business to stand out from its competitors.

Open a New Line of Business

As a business leader, you have the power to explore the potential of your internal innovations. Consider leveraging your insights as another way to generate revenue for the business.
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