7 reasons to consider a custom software over pre-built software

By: Nate

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In a matter of few years, many options for pre-built software have emerged in the market to address growing business needs. Although they come at an affordable cost, pre-packaged solutions come with their own issues – a function may be missing, or too many options may make the system daunting to use. Companies who are looking to provide the best service for their employees and customers should consider custom software. Here are 7 reasons why custom software is more efficient than pre-built software.

Available Features

Pre-built software may contain features that are not utilized by your organization. Users are forced to work around these features each day. This decreases a software’s credibility and negatively affects a user’s experience.

Software Management

The development, test and quality assurance of custom software systems are more transparent and responsive. Problems and bugs can be taken care of quickly, whereas a pre-built software may take months to implement and roll out fixes.

Cost Effectiveness

Although the initial cost to build custom software may be cumbersome, the development process takes scalability into consideration. By tailoring software to a specific company or industry needs, a custom system will bring value to its company over time. Pre-built systems will perpetuate (or create more) process workarounds upon implementation.

Increased Productivity

Custom software programs are designed in a way that the team can work efficiently and effectively. Necessary data is centralized, eliminating the need to surf through multiple websites, databases, and sources.


Frequent Updates

While software updates are not always mandatory, custom software provides an optimal environment to make changes. As the industry and business needs evolve, updates to the system can be added quickly to address the changes. With pre-built software, the team must meet the requirements of current software users and delay changes.

Additional Licensing Fees

With pre-built software, not everything is covered at the base price. There is a higher probability for additional pricing for add-on features. Custom software is flexible enough for companies to include all desired features at the start of development, or include them in the later rounds of development.


While pre-built software may contain many essential features, the software may not perform well due to system compatibility. Custom software is designed based on the infrastructure of the system environment it is supported on.

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