6 Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By: Marissa

Are you considering Microsoft Dynamics to improve your organization? Here are some reasons why your organization would benefit from Microsoft’s latest system

1. Offline Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an offline mobile experience that allows users to seamlessly analyze and update CRM with or without data connection.

2. Flexible Implementation

There are affordable options for fully cloud based, privately hosted, or on premise software solutions for those looking to own the license and host the software on their own servers.

3. Customized for the user

The software is designed fit with the user’s role within the company, so there are customizable options for Sales, Marketing Automation, Customer Service, as well as Reporting and Analytics.

4. Guided User Navigation

This feature ensures the user’s ability to customize through instruction and video based off of their role demonstrating what to do and how to do it.

5. Thorough integration

Dynamics provides built in integration and a familiar user experience making it easier to implement if you are already using Microsoft technologies.

6. Protected IT investments

This is a reliable, industry standard technology that will be able to change and grow with your business and provides incremental updates and improvements to the software.

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