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We create game-changing applications for our clients and the people they serve.


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Your business situation is unique. We bring deep industry knowledge to understand your company’s most critical pain points. Our Blueprint Builder allows you to refine your vision prior to development.

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You expect measurable results. Our methodology demands that each software project we take on delivers a return on investment of 300-500% for a positive impact on your bottom line.

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Our proven process offers us the ability to offer fixed-bid project pricing. This allows the partnership to set mutual expectations and timelines while avoiding unexpected costs during development.

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We build enterprise applications with a strong focus on ROI. Our solutions address process bottlenecks to improve efficiency, productivity and the bottom line for clients. We open the possibilities for new strategies and business opportunities with software technologies. Our team has a deep industry knowledge of the global backbone: manufacturing, distribution, logistics and transportation.

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BMW partners with alligatortek for development
US Foods partners with alligatortek for development
Feeding America partners with alligatortek for development
Driscoll's partners with alligatortek for development

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