We build custom applications
To maximize growth for your business

When off-the-shelf solutions don’t meet your unique business needs, alligatortek creates game-changing, enterprise applications customized to you and the people you serve.


Our Services

Mobile application development - alligatortek

Keep your team accountable, productive, and engaged by providing them with the tools and access they need to work on their mobile devices.

Bring your company to the digital age

Our client, Leopardo, used a custom mobile app to re-design and streamline their timecard process resulting in a reduction of the time spent on the process​ from 4 man days to 1.5 man days per week.

Web Application Development - alligatortek

Design and build easy-to-use, attractive, and powerful web tools that can grow as your staff grows.

Enable your team to do their best work

Our client, Feeding America, used a custom web app to cut the coordination of produce donations down from a 3-4 days to a real-time process that can be completed in just a few minutes.

Web Portal Development - alligatortek

Provide an industry-disrupting service by building a secure information-sharing platform and create a unique vale for your customers.

Create an On-Demand Portal

Our client, S1G, used a custom web portal to centralize their previously segmented and manual processes including managing accounts, orders, invoices, and employees.​

cloud services - windows azure

Analyze your current environment and design a solution to create efficiency, security, scalability, and cost savings through the cloud.

Create a Winning Cloud Strategy

Our client, ARCO, used our cloud services to move away from a spreadsheet-based legacy system for tracking and estimating that could take multiple days to a cloud-based solution that takes minutes.​

Integrations - alligatortek

Analyze your existing processes and translate your needs into advanced reporting and business intelligence dashboards.

Unlock the data for your team

Our client, Michuda, needed 24/7 management and monitoring of the safety and integrity of all their job sites so they turned to us to find a way to integrate and analyze their data successfully.​

Expertise In Your Industry

Our team has a deep industry knowledge of the global backbone: manufacturing, distribution, logistics and transportation. We build enterprise applications for all these industries and more with a strong focus on ROI. Our solutions address process bottlenecks to improve efficiency, productivity and the bottom line for clients. We open the possibilities for new strategies and business opportunities with software technologies.

Why Work with alligatortek?

Brain Process

Your business situation is unique. We bring deep industry knowledge to understand your company’s most critical pain points. Our Blueprint Builder allows you to refine your vision prior to development.

Graph and Magnifier

You expect measurable results. Our methodology demands that each software project we take on delivers a return on investment of 300-500% for a positive impact on your bottom line.

Dollar ROI

Our proven process offers us the ability to offer fixed-bid project pricing. This allows the partnership to set mutual expectations and timelines while avoiding unexpected costs during development.

Feeding America portal

"A process that used to take up to a week, has now been reduced to minutes, meaning that fresh produce gets into the hands of those who need it faster than ever before."

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Children's Plus system

"The great benefits of working with alligatortek is their depth of knowledge within our industry, their retention, their notes, their ability to go back and truly understand our industry from the ground up – just like one of my coworkers would – is lifesaving for us. They are spot on! I would recommend alligatortek to anyone in any industry."

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Michuda mobile app

"I have worked with alligatortek for the past two years and I appreciate the personal interest put into my projects and software development. Development occurs as promised and results have surpassed our initial expectations. Thanks alligatortek."

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